12 Cities In Europe To Bring Your Childrens

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With children’s playgrounds and beautiful parks in every neighborhood, London can offer lots of fun to the little ones. Its rich range of museums and sports halls make it a favorite for teens.


Forget all the trips you have made to Amsterdam before you have children. Fortunately, here can be seen much more than the cafes and the red lantern area; in fact this is the perfect place for children.

3. Copenhagen

From the sad mermaid of the harbor to the magical Round Tower with its curved staircase – there is plenty of food to think about.

Tivoli, the amusement park in Copenhagen, open since the time of Hans Christian Andersen, offers a handful of adrenaline entertainments, but also colorful gardens, a lake, good dining and romantic air evenings.

Fortunately, Copenhagen is so compact that you can easily spend time with the kids out of town – several grand castles are only half an hour by train.

4. Salzburg

In Salzburg you can plunge into the full sound of Sound of Music. Head to the “Residenzplatz” where you can practice horse riding, singing Do Re Mi through the center of the Old Town on a 25-minute tour.

5. Reykjavik

This city is safe and friendly to children. Go outside the city limits to experience the miracles of nature once in your life: thermal hot springs, many of which with special children’s sections, Northern Lights and countless adventures of Icelandic horses, whale watching and hiking. This is the perfect city break for active families.

6. Rome

All roads lead to Rome. The city offers ancient history, fantastic cuisine and stunning beauty that will satisfy even the most discerning travelers. Traveling here can be a wonderful history lesson for your kids.

7. Munich

Forget all thoughts about Oktoberfest.

From the Toy Museum to the Deutsches Museum, one of the largest and oldest science museums in the world, you will find hundreds of children’s activities in Munich.

Disney fans will want to visit the castle of Neuschwanstein – the inspiration for the fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty. After all, you will probably have won a few hours to visit one of Munich’s many beer gardens, where, fortunately, the kids are welcome.

8. Barcelona

From the La Rambla alley to Gaudi’s attractions, Barcelona offers all the charm of a Mediterranean city – a calm place, months of endless sunlight, unparalleled food, beautiful beaches.

9. Stockholm

The capital of Sweden sprawls on the seams with things to lure children: from the world of Pippi’s long-haired amusement park or the casual walk to the royal palace to the still-existing cinnamon and cardamom muffins.

Spend the day, touring the island, and the whole family will be fascinated by the unique atmosphere of the island districts of Stockholm, which are connected with bridges and ferries.

10. Dubrovnik

Overlooking the turquoise waters of the Adriatic, Dubrovnik, the UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of the most magnificent cities on the planet; this is the perfect family holiday in the city that combines history and activities. Why not climb the city walls in the morning and explore the coast of kayaking in the afternoon?

11. Vienna

Vienna regularly wins “Best Quality of Life for Families” and is absolutely the best possible city in the world to bring your children . Here, every year, 15,000 concerts are held. Apart from great musical experiences, take the children to taste Viennese cakes and pastries.

12. Lisbon

Rarely too hot or cold, the fabulous Lisbon, the old wooden trams and the railway cableway, is a child-friendly year-round destination. After touring the medieval streets of the most ancient district of Lisbon, Alfama, head to the Mauritanian peak of the city and then consider a one-day trip to the cool suburb of Cascais.

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