15 000 Millennials Will Have The Chance To Travel In Europe For Free

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Travelling for free? Isn’t that every young person’s dream?Well, Dreams comes true,the European Commission has announced that this summer 15 000 Millennials will travel in the whole European Union to explore. Travels are paid by 12 million euros from the EU budget.

The aim is for young people to get acquainted with the rich European cultural and with other Europeans because that’s what unites Europe. Travels are scheduled to last up to 30 days and include visits to up to four locations.

Applications will be accepted in June on the European Youth Portal europa.eu/youth.

Those wishing to participate must be over 18 years after 01/07/2018 this year, otherwise they cant participate.

The participants will be selected by a jury and for those who are not selected, by the end of the year they will have a new opportunity to apply.

More details will be announced in the middle of this month.

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