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15 Things Which Will Make Your Waiting For The Flight Easier

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If you are fly by a plane a lot, you know how exhausting sometimes the boarding procedure can be. The seats are awkward, even hours are needed. But for some time in many airports around the world, there are various options and entertainment for waiting passengers.

1. Children rooms are available at almost any airport. Most often there we find classic toys – cubes, board games, and puzzles. In Zurich the room is more creative.

2. Luggage lane At Wellington Airport in New Zealand. Luggage can be taken from a scenic carousel with a green wall. Such a solution fits perfectly with the greenery of the area.

3. Reading never goes out of fashion. Why not train your brain while waiting for the next flight? At this airport there is a book machine. You can sell and buy a book.

4. There is an exhibition of confiscated objects In Cleveland

5. This is not a pet owner’s club. In fact, you may want to play with any of the dogs at this airport. Their purpose is to reduce the level of stress before the flight

6. Design from the trilogy “The Lord of the Rings” in New Zealand. 

7. Chocolate absolutely for free. This is a nice bonus for passengers passing through this airport.

8. Two cameras are placed on the nose and tail of the airplane. Passengers have tablets to help them observe the view.

9. Toilets for Dogs. If you need to travel with the dog, you will probably like this room.

10. Turn the pedals and charge your phone.

11. Sometimes between two flights, there is a period of 5-7 hours, so why not use the sleeping room? 

12. Who said that at the airport you can’t have 100% fun?

13. Green Area, Living Trees, Leather Armchairs – This is the coziest waiting room.

14. When you need help, the hints appear. At this airport, there are many – “Find your passport”, “Prepare the tickets”, “Open your passport on the photo page” 

15. In most airports, there is a serious lack of chargers. In addition, they are sometimes too low placed and this provokes discomfort for passengers. The solution to the problem is on the picture below.

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