$20 000 Salary Per Month If You Get a Job At Facebook

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From many years Facebook is being the most desirable place to work in United States and its not a coincidence. The company is offering a lot benefits to their employees.But how much a single person can make from working at Facebook?

According to “The Wall Street Journal” The average salary is around $240 000 per year and monthly it will be $ 20 000/

The CEO of Facebook – Mark Zuckerberg has received more than $8 million in the form of compensations or in other words, 37 times more than his employees. Well nothing impressive here, he is the CEO of the biggest social platform in the world.

In the last couple of year until this day the salary per year for Mark Zuckerberg is $1Million.

In the same way Facebook is paying a lot for travelling and security for their boss. In 2017 the price had jumped with 54% which in dollars is $8.85M.


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