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5 Absurd Forecasts That Could Be True For 2019

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Saxo Bank’s annual series of scandalous predictions is ready for 2019. The idea here is to challenge investors to think beyond the risk of financial markets and more globally. Of course take all the thoughts here in this article with grain of salt.

1. Europe & debt

Saxo says unsustainable levels of government debt, populist riots, rising interest rates by the European Central Bank (ECB) and slow growth could make the EU declare a “jubilee debt” in 2019 by writing off large amounts of debt across the continent .The budget crisis in Italy and Greece’s ongoing problems can damage confidence, while the protests of “yellow vests” in France show that people are dissatisfied with the status quo.

2. Apple “provides funding” to buy Tesla at a price of $ 520 per share

The controversial tweed of Ilon Musk, in which he said he had secured funding to remove his company from the stock exchange at $ 420 a share, attracted the anger of investors and later of the SEC. Saxo suggests that Apple, not Saudi Arabia, may be a new opportunity for the manufacturer of electric vehicles. Saxo points out that Apple is seeking to enter more consumer segments and suggests that cars can be the next goal as vehicles become more and more connected to technology.

3. A solar eruption creates chaos and causes damage of $ 2 trillion

Like a familiar Hollywood scenario, a massive solar eruption could destroy the satellite technology of the Western Hemisphere in 2019 and cause about $ 2 trillion in damages, according to Saxo. A new solar cycle is triggered in 2019, and excessive radiation can have devastating consequences.

4. Pound and Dollar

Raising inflation, escaping wealthy non-native citizens, and lower business investment will bring the pound and the dollar for the first time at the same level. Of course those are only speculations and there is no need to panic.

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