5 Healthy Benefits You Didn’t About The Watermelon

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Summer, sea, sun and  a piece of cold and fresh watermelon. Besides being delicious, the watermelon is also extremely useful for health. The watermelon is rich in vitamin C and vitamin A, and a bowl of this red fruit contains only 46 calories.

1.Contains more lycopene than tomatoes

This wonderful summer fruit contains 91.5% water, but it is also very rich in lycopene – an antioxidant that is found in red fruits and vegetables and has an excellent effect on our health.

It turns out that a bowl of watermelon contains 1.5 times more lycopene than fresh tomatoes. This antioxidant helps fight free radicals and improves the immune system accordingly.

According to some specialists, lycopene may have a preventative function against the development of heart disease and some cancers.

Experts advise storing watermelon at room temperature so we can take advantage of all of its health benefits

2.Watermelon juice can relieve muscle pain

Spanish scientists have found that drinking watermelon juice can act soothing to the muscles after an intensive workout. According to their study, athletes who drank a cup of watermelon hour before exercise had less muscle aches and moderate pulse the next day.

This may be due to the amino acid contained in the watermelon, called L-citrulline, which the body processes in L-arginine – an amino acid that helps relax blood vessels and improves blood circulation.

3.Watermelon is both fruit and vegetable

The watermelon is sweet as most fruits, but it is a family of pumpkins – it classifies vegetable crops ,such as watermelon, cucumber, melon, pumpkin, zucchini. And because the watermelon is also vegetable, its bark is also edible.

4.There is plenty of water in the watermelon

Watermelon contains 91.5% water and is an outstanding ally in the battle with dehydration during the hot months. Insufficient intake of liquids damages health. According to a study published in The Journal of Nutrition, women who are even slightly dehydrated suffer from headaches, have problems with concentration, feeling tired and have a bad mood. That’s why in the warmer months it’s nice to include a watermelon in our daily menu.

5.Did you know that there is also a yellow variety of watermelon?

You may find it difficult to believe, but there is a variety of watermelon that is not pink inside, but yellow. The bark of the yellow watermelon is like that of the red, but the color and the taste are different.

Keep in mind that there is no information on the watermelon’s nutritional value. Most of their studies have been conducted by scientists on the pink variety of watermelon.

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