5 Traits You Can Find In Every Successful Entrepreneur

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In the era of fake entrepreneurship is very easy for everyone to be an entrepreneur but in, reality it all ends with fast decisions and implementation

1. Good ideas are cheap. I don’t want to downplay the creative process, but what makes a person successful is not so much the idea as the skill to realize. Entrepreneurs constantly tell me not to worry about sharing their ideas with other people because in 99% of cases no one will take action to implement them. Why the United States abounding from candidate entrepreneurs? Most of the time people like to dream about their brilliant ideas. But few are willing to put the sweat necessary for their realization.

2. They are angry that they do not get a fair attitude, or that they are not as good as others. I know many warm, charismatic and optimistic entrepreneurs with a similar attitude – they have to constantly prove to someone that they are wrong. Many have told me that they achieved much because people in the past had told them, they will never succeed (remember Jeff Bezos!). Some people point to other factors – for example, they have grown up in poverty.

3. It is in decision making. Therese Taylor, former chief operating officer of Qwest Communications, and America’s once-the-top executive administrator says one of the reasons for her success is that she can make quick decisions. She jokes that if her decision at least comes close to the right one, she feels happy. I noticed this with many executive directors – cut off quickly and continue ahead. Most of us will wonder what is the right move without realizing that time flies. Not every decision you make will be right, but if you are moving at a fast pace, you have a greater chance of repairing the unfavorable consequences of your choice before it is too late.

4. Give a lot. It’s not about money its about giving. How to give more to your customers and employees; what you can do to improve the quality of life of the community in which they operate. The people who give receive endless satisfaction with the knowledge that they are helping. This does not mean that all successful people are Santa Claus. So they just look beyond themselves, which is very important in the business world where relationships matter.

5. They are extremely disciplined. Once a girlfriend sent me a photo showing the ballerina’s leg. Left is dressed and the right is not. All bruises and wounds are seen. The picture is a reminder that in order to succeed you have to work hard. There is a terrible amount of concentration and discipline, especially in the face of challenges. This does not mean that successful people don’t have or they don’t relax – just the opposite. According to my observations, many have crazy hobbies, and yet they have time for their families. 

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