6 Months of Waiting For Nothing, Rematch Is On Its Way

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Ksi and Logan Paul were the people who created the biggest event in the internet history which ended in a draw after 6 out of 6 rounds of boxing.

In front of 18,000 fans at the Manchester Arena, YouTube stars KSI and Logan Paul shared the spoils after six rounds of tense white-collar boxing.

Unofficial sources are claiming that at least 500 000 people were watching the fight on illegal streams.

And the winner is …… DRAW 

The real winner are the people who watched the fight for free 

A majority draw! @ksi vs @loganpaul 😨👀🥊

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Important to say

Before the main event there was fight and Jake Paul won the belt against Deji. A lot people were saying that Jake Paul will probably be the winner because he looks more skilled and ready than his opponent – Deji.

This is Jake Paul’s first boxing match ever ,same for Deji

The defeat of Deji – 5th round

Jake Paul defeats Deji in the 5th round!👀🥊💰

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Rematch of the Logan Paul and Ksi’s match

At the moment there is no official confirmation about their second boxing match, even though they said , they want it.
The second fight will take place in America and is going to be in 2019. Most importantly they will do anything to eliminate the draw result to happen again.How hard are they going to train? The drama continues …

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