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8 Differences Between Genuine And Fake People

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1. Look Out For All vs Look Down On All

If a person is being truthful and genuine, they will show you and others respect simply because they respect themselves too. They’re not the type that want to act important and above everyone, but yet they don’t want to be downgraded as well.

Fake people on the other hand try to stand out and act as though they own everyone. They are highly selective with who they talk with, simply because they have pre-calculated plans of using them in the future.

2. Hard To Impress vs Easy To Impress

Genuine people sometimes have a hard time impressing others. This is because they have their own views and feel comfortable expressing them. They don’t modify their views to be perceived as more “likable” and are completely comfortable in their own skin.

Fake people are the complete opposite. They would agree with anyone who they want to impress. Also, they would say about anything in other people’s favor just to be liked and admired. If they tell you anything, it’s a complete lie.

3.Comfortable In The Shadows vs Needs The Limelight

Spending the time in solitude, reading a book or simply cooking a new recipe is ideal for genuine people. They have no issues being alone. They love being in the company of interesting people, but the also like being alone and having their special “me” time.

Fake people on the other hand will go out their way to be in the spotlight. They are very desperate for attention and they would do anything to have it. They are drowned in their shallowness, thinking that the world revolves around them.

4. Humility vs Boasting

Something that genuine people don’t do is brag about their love life or career. No matter how many successes they are achieving, they are content and keep it to themselves. They are modest and don’t feel the need to brag.

Fake people love bragging. They talk very highly of themselves and even bend the truth if it makes them seem more successful. Sometimes they would even make something completely up if it makes them look better.

5. To The Face vs Behind Your Back

A genuine person would reach out to you to tell you anything that they need say. No matter if you don’t like what they’re saying, the are always straightforward with their thoughts. This is one of their main traits.

Fake people love to talk behind your back and gossip. In front of your face they’re always nice but behind your back, they are spilling all the information.

6. Actions vs Words

Genuine people always talk from the heart and express it through actions. They work very hard to turn their promises into actions. They would even work twice as hard just to make them come true.

Fake people are all words, no actions. All they do is speak a lot and give false hope. When they don’t do as they promised, they tell bad excuses. They only go out of their way if they have a major benefit from it.

7. Honest Opinions vs False Praise

Honesty is if not the most important thing to a genuine person. The straightforward answers they give may be unpleasant at times, whether it’s work-related, your new hairstyle, a new person you’re seeing… they will always give you their honest opinion. But with time, you learn to accept this and understand that they’re only being honest.

Fake people will always praise you and lie to your face even about obvious details. If they don’t do this, prepare for their two-faced gossip. They bring out your mistakes to others just so they can feel better.

8. Unconditional Love vs Self Motives

Genuine people are always true to themselves. As much as they are to their own self, they are true to others as well. This means that a genuine person will go out of their way to help you. They don’t feel good if you’re in a miserable situation and they try to be as helpful as possible.

Fake people will always tell you how they’ll be by your side even through the worst, yet they are never to be seen then. If you don’t appear of interest for a fake person and their hidden agenda, they will leave you. They won’t show any interest to help you out even just a little.

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