9 Symptoms Your Body Is Running Low On Vitamins

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Weak Scalp

If you notice that you’ve got flakes raining down after you scratch your head, you automatically think dandruff. But it may also be because you’re not getting enough healthful fatty acids in your diet. Essential fatty acids, like omega 3s, are a lubricant for our body. Other fatty acids, like alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), are also important. Find these in walnuts and flaxseeds.

Thin, brittle hair

The mass reason for that is lack of vitamin B. Running low on folate (also called folic acid) may also cause thin, brittle strands. A cup of raw spinach is a good source; a cup of cooked asparagus will give you 60 percent of your daily quota.

Cracks and sores in your mouth

The reason for that is vitamin B12. For gaining more from those vitamin you have to consider adding in your meal more red meat, eggs and nutrition. Of curse there could be other reason and talking with doctor is must do.

Bumps on the backs of arms

Possible reason for that are lack of Vitamin A and Zinc. Many people have these little red bumps that don’t itch.That’s because both nutrients are vital for maintaining skin health, and play key roles in wound repair. Sweet potatoes and cantaloupe can you help you for the vitamin A.

White fingernail dots 

The reason usually is stomach acid. Some people find that taking some apple cider vinegar with water or with a meal or taking a digestive enzyme helps you against the white spots on your fingernails.


Lack of Vitamin D, Heavy food like McDonalds and bad health lifestyle lead to fatigue and exhaustion.
The easiest way to fix that is by start getting Vitamin D, Drink MORE water, Focus on more healthy food and if possible go to the gym at least 2 times a week. (Yogurt,Milk,Sardines,almonds and more help for getting Vitamin D)

Bruising on your legs

Do you bump into objects sometimes? But is your bruise getting bigger even the hit is not hard? Then you probably lack Vitamin C because it helps make collagen, which is involved in making blood vessels.Strawberries, broccoli, and mango are all foods that have more C than an orange.

Calf cramps

As an electrolyte, magnesium plays an important role, along with and calcium, in muscle contraction. For magnesium consider taking pumpkin seeds, bananas, and avocados. As for calcium, fortified non-dairy milk often contains more than its cow milk counterpart.


Along with eating more magnesium-rich foods, you may also consider a 120 mg supplement of magnesium citrate and increasing until regularity improves and don’t forget the fiber. 

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