Amazon Is About To Open More Futuristic Stores During 2018

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The concept of “Amazon Go” futuristic shops without cashiers is successfully expanding. According to the latest online data, Amazon plans to open six new spaces in at least two cities as early as this year.

Smart stores of the American leader in e-commerce Amazon will operate on the principle of poor payouts. The idea is thus to eliminate the need for cashiers. Last December, it was clear that the first site would open in the center of Seattle, and after lengthy testing this really happened in January 2018.

Now the company plans three more places in the city. Amazon Go is expected to open in Los Angeles at The Groove Outdoor Center, commenting on anonymous sources. There is no mention of the opening of newly opened stores and other places, at least as far as this annual period is concerned. However, the possibility is not firmly rejected.

The work of Amazon Go is directly related to a mobile application. To access the store, you must first have an application installed so that the phone is scanned at the entrance and the barriers are lifted.

Cameras and sensors follow strictly which products the customer removes from the shelves. This method excludes the need to go through the store’s cash register. People can just get out, then get a phone call to their own account. If, due to an inaccuracy, the amount is credited, there is a possibility of refunding the money.

Expectations are that the concept can lead to a revolution in shopping.

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