Apple Is The King, Again With More Than $820 Billion

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After Apple lost the crown of the most expensive company in the world at the end of November, the company is back on track

After the stock market session yesterday, its market valuation reached $ 824.12 billion.

Indeed, Cupertino’s company has fallen, but its main rivals for the throne – Microsoft and Amazon – have fallen more. After the long fall in Apple’s stock price after September, the iPhone stocks have finally gone up since the beginning of February.

The reason for the four consecutive positive trading sessions and about 13% growth is the financial statement published on January 29.

Smartphone sales in the fourth quarter of 2018 are better than expected.

At Microsoft and Amazon, the situation was not entirely different. For months, the price of their shares went up until the announcement of the financial statements for the last quarter. The online trader said that sales in the first quarter of 2019 will be lower than expected, and he plans less investment. In the company created by Bill Gates the situation is more stable – the company fulfilled the expectations of the analysts but did not show anything impressive.

After the closing of the session on Wednesday

Amazon’s stock price was 1.12% down, and the market capitalization of the company fell to $ 805.7 billion. Microsoft fell by 1.19% to $ 813.5 billion.

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