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Best Strategy On How To Get More Instagram Followers (Starters)

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In just a few years, Instagram went from a social network where people put selfies and pictures of their dinner to an extremely powerful tool for business. 

Forrester’s analyst has determined that Instagram provides the best interaction between users and brands.

1.Public account

If you want easy recognition ,make your account public!

2.Turn on push notification

Don’t miss a thing. Be informed about every new follower!

3. Business Acount

Change your account to business.This way you have access to Insight statistics about likes,comment, etc.

4. Try and Win

Developing a successful Instagram profile is difficult as you know. Switching to Business profile is not enough. 
Grab one notebook and start writing inside every strategy your are trying to establish.
For an example: For 1 week post every morning at 10AM and every night at 8PM. Watch how people react to your content,are there new followers or maybe more likes? For the second week, post three times, one at 8AM, second at 1PM and third at 10PM. Experiment,experiment and most importantly, patience!

5. Organize a game 

One of the easiest and most popular methods of making more comments from followers is to organize a game. You can post an interesting photo and ask your followers to suggest an appropriate title in the comments. At the end of the game you will choose randomly one winner

6. Ask a question

Easy and extremely effective method to ask your followers.

It does not have to be a promotion or a message. Put an interesting photo and ask “Do you agree or not?”. Or “What would you do in this situation?” The people following you in Instagram are not just a number in the app panel.They also have an opinion and need to be heard. Give them this and get more comments than you’ve ever expected.

7. Post with emotion

In a study trying to find out the factors that make content hit the Internet, researchers have found that the most popular posts are causing a strong emotion. Positions of anticipation, surprise, joy, uncertainty and curiosity are among the most common. Think about whether or not you can publish similar content.

8. Post a video

Users spent 40% more time viewing a video at Instagram. The company immediately took advantage of this fact and increased the limit for a published video in 1 minute. The simple truth is that the way we consume content is changing on a global scale. People are looking for more and more video content – especially on social networks – because it is one of the most convenient ways to receive information.

Once the audience wants more video content, take advantage of and post something to attract their attention. Video content is an effective way for you to spend time scrambling through News Feed users.

And if you post an interesting video and ask your followers to comment below it – they will probably do so.

9. Hashtag

Hashtags, also known as the strange sign on the phone’s keypad – # – are the main factor users find at Instagram.

People interested in a topic search for it by keywords. Instagram hatches play the role of keywords. If someone finds your post in this way, it is much more likely he leaves a comment. Choose the right keywords for your business, combine them with the above methods, and easily attract new followers and new comments.

Sample Pizza Post Profile:
Who’s your favorite # pizza to eat during some lazy Friday? Our choice is # Pepperoni. Which only today is a -25% reduction.

So, within one post, post an interesting photo, ask a question, use 2 hashtags, and encourage people to take advantage of the promotion.

You do not need to be limited to business themes. You can include holidays, events, and all current to users.

10. Add Faces

Georgia Institute of Technology has conducted an analysis of more than 1 million posts in Instagram, which found that posts with faces had a 32% higher chance of attracting comments and a 38% higher chance of being liked.

Posting peoples and photos will not only help attract more comments and likes but will also show the human side of your brand.

11. Cats,dogs,it doesn’t matter. People love animals!

Funny pictures with all kind of animals or videos are the content people like and watch. Some people are spending thousand of hours watching funny dogs or cats doing stupid things. Sometimes i’m getting more likes on a post with a cat on it rather than post with a meaningful message.

12. Connect with famous profiles

Nowadays, social media Influencers have the status of celebrities. Their followers closely follow every post, appearance, status, and anything else that can be published.

But do not think you can just pay someone to promote your content.When working with Influencers do not pay too much attention to how many followers they have but how often people comment and like their posts.

Successful partnerships with such people will help your brand become involved in the already existing relationship and conversation between the famous profile and their followers. Inappropriate partnership will look like a company’s desperate attempt to advertise.

13. Sharing is caring

Instagram is already full of quality and interesting content. You can find it through hashtags or if you just look at what your followers are doing.

Sharing a foreign post is beneficial to all countries. The content creator receives personal notification and reference from a big brand, as well as the opportunity for their post to be seen by more people. You get fresh and quality content without having to invest time in its creation. And your followers see something new and interesting.Sound simple? Because it’s simple!

In summary

Focus more on quality content and after that on quantity. See how your audience is reacting and always try to experiment! 

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