Best Time To Buy Fly Tickets

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It is no secret that the price of an air ticket is quite often changed every day and it is a great mystery how to make the most profitable deal for us by buying a ticket.

Of course, the price of one plane ticket varies, given the destination, the season and day of the week, and many other factors. Sometimes the search for the most advantageous airline ticket becomes “Russian Roulette” and players often feel screwed up because the price has fallen significantly since the day after the purchase.

From the Cheapair site each year, over 917,000 flights are explored to find out when it is best to buy an airfare. For example, they have calculated that this should at best happen 70 days before the flight or slightly more than 2 months. This varies with the destination, but it is really nice to plan our trip earlier,

An interesting fact is that there is no particular day of the week or the so-called “lucky day” in which to buy a ticket, but it is very important when exactly the flight is. For example, cheapest travel is on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and most expensive on Sundays.

In the summer we travel most often and our specialists recommend not to leave our tickets for the last minute. It’s good to have been prepared for at least 47 days earlier. July is the most popular month to travel in the summer, and the most profitable offers we find at the end of the season – for August and September.

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