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Change Your Password Every Three Months

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The reasons for the leak of personal data and cyber-bullying most often involve a human error.

Company employees must be aware of how to protect and avoid fishy emails/links or names. Complicate your passwords, and if you have not changed them in the last 3 months, do it. The variants are many and it is a matter of a little more creativity. However, such an approach can save future headaches.

Example of the hackers attack – the Marriott hotel chain

Which put at risk the personal data of over 500 million people. The practice of hotels is to capture the passports of their clients, but in case of poor protection then this sensitive information may expire. The case is an example of the problems of collecting more personal data than necessary. Companies that understand this have a better security setting. He pointed out that the regulation came more than 20 years after the introduction of the previous sectoral law and things have changed much in the face of modern digitization. Now the task of regulators is to monitor GDPR to serve society and citizens.

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