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Donald Trump Is Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize

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It is becoming increasingly likely that US President Donald Trump will take the Nobel Peace Prize. A few days ago, South Korean President Mun Gehin said Trump deserves the reward. Now, 18 Republican congressmen from the House of Representatives (the Lower House of Congress) have nominated the US Nobel Peace Leader for Peace.

In a letter to the Nobel Committee from the Republicans are stating that Trump should receive the Nobel Peace Prize in 2019 for his work to end the North and South Korean war and end the nuclear programs of the Korean Peninsula.

The Nobel Prize nomination rules are very unclear. Nominations can only be made by people belonging to several social groups, including representatives of the legislature, university lecturers and already awarded people. There are no other restrictions. For 2018, there have been 330 Nobel Prize nominations in different categories. All of them, along with the new ones. All nominations will be officially announced in December 2018.

In 2017, the Nobel Peace Prize was given to the non-governmental organization called International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons also known as “ICAN”.

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