Earning Money While Eating Nutella

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“We are looking for 60 sensual people to taste pastries”. This is a small advertisement published by the Italian group Ferrero. In short, if you want to become a taster of Nutella, now is the time. The Ferrero Group is indeed looking for 60 tasters to test its various products. Forty people will be selected and will benefit from the paid training. Typically, this work is done by the company’s internal staff. But this time ,they want the opinion of “normal” people. The group says they wants to work with “people who would like to learn how to try cocoa, hazelnuts and other pastry cookies.” During training, candidates will learn to “raise the sense of smell and taste and improve their ability to express what they perceive during tasting.” The work will consist of testing products 4 hours a week in Alba, Italy, at Ferrero’s headquarters.The job is part-time and can be combined with another job, she said. The three-month course starts on September 30th.

Amazing ,huh?

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