Emiliano Sala’s Body Was Found Together With The Pilot’s Body

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Emiliano Sala’s body was recognized in Portland Port, Dorset, after being taken from the bottom of the Channel through the wreckage of the fallen plane.

Officially, around midnight on Thursday, Friday, the news was reported to the Argentinean striker family. It then appeared on the official local newsletter.

The 28-year-old footballer departed from France to Cardiff on January 21 to join his new club from the English Premier League, but the small plane vanished from the radar shortly after takeoff.

The family of Sala gathered the necessary money for private search, including underwater search. The remains of the airplane cannot be removed from the bottom, at a depth of about 65 meters. Sala’s recognition puts an end to one of the saddest football stories that united in the prayers and grief of the game world.

All matches in France and England over the weekend will start with a minute of silence in honor of Emiliano Sala.

The Last Audio Recorded on the plane probably minutes before the wreckage

In the audio it feels like he know he is going to die and with that audio he can send one last message

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