Every Two Days In 2017, A New Billionaire Has Emerged In The World

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Every two days in 2017, a new billionaire has emerged in the world, according to a report by the charity organization Oxfam, published on Monday. The aim of the study is to address inequalities in people’s well-being, CNBC reports.

On a global scale, the billionaires are 2,043, according to the document, stating that the calculations are based on the dollar.

The wealth growth of billionaires in the world is obvious: their wealth has risen by $ 762 billion in 2017 – an amount that can many times address the problem of extreme poverty.

82% of the total wealth created has gone to only 1% of people. By contrast, the welfare of 50% of people has not increased at all.

An illustration of inequality is the simple fact that the three richest Americans – Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett – generally have more money than half of the US population.

Oxfam prepares its report based on data from Forbes and Credit Suisse Global Wealth. Wealth is calculated by deducting debts from the assets of individuals.

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