The Most Expensive Candy In The World

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Imagine how many thousands of candies are eaten every day around the world. This is definitely the child’s favorite treat. There are hundreds of candy types, starting with chocolate, jelly, nuts and more. Here in this article we got the most expensive candies around the globe.

5. Swarovski crystal candy

Price: 100 dollars.

It is made of chocolate garnish and covered with popular crystals.

4. Candy with gold

Price: $ 300

It is called the candy of the Gods, and that is undoubtedly because of its price. 24 cubes of edible gold are covered.

3. Chocolate candy with the smell of a Cuban cigar

Price: $ 320

Its texture resembles a cigar.

2. Jelly candy in the shape of a heart

Price: 480 dollars

The candy is produced in Dubai on the occasion of St. Valentine. The specific of it is in the jelly itself and the strawberry flavor that only one master pastry maker can produce.

1. Chocolate candy

Price: $ 760

Made from 81% cocoa and sugar cane. Cocoa is acquired from 100-year-old trees and handmade.

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