Facebook Information Leak

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Facebook has admitted that Cambridge Analytica actually has 87 million users on the social network and not 50 million – as previously claimed. The bulk of leaked data is for users in the United States, said Chief Technology Officer Mick Schroeffer via the official Facebook blog.

The greater the amount of data that the British analytical company received, the more disturbing the consequences of their use. The reason is that information about people was used by Cambridge Analytica to target pre-statements in favor of Donald Trump in 2016 and to a referendum on the UK’s exit from the European Union.

The allegation that Cambridge Analytica has attempted to influence the election of the head of state in the United States and that of Brexit has led to rigorous checks on Facebook as well. The company has drawn sharp criticism, and the negative attitude of investors has shown a collapse in the stock price.

New information comes just a week before Mark Zuckerberg faces the US Trade Commission to testify on the case.

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