Facebook Will Transform WhatsApp Into A Cash Machine

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Facebook takes steps to turn WhatsApp chat service into a lucrative business

The social network will introduce several ways companies could advertise their products and services in the app.

– The first method includes conventional ads that we all see in our Facebook News News Feed. Now, companies will be able to create Facebook ads that connect to WhatsApp, so if customers like a particular Facebook ad, they can better connect to this company through the chat app.

Facebook said the companies managing these specific Facebook / WhatsApp ads will be able to track certain statistics, such as the total number of messages sent by people who viewed the ad.

In addition, WhatsApp representatives told, the app would begin to show online ads to its users in 2019. Monetarization plans are similar to those that Facebook did with Instagram’s Story feature. Facebook’s ambition to extend its existing online advertising system to more services and not only rely on its core social networking business. This is a big step, as ads are the main source of revenue for Facebook.

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