Forbes – Top Richest People In Cryptocurrency

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Forbes has for the first time made a list of wealthy cryptocurrency people. The rating does not indicate the exact status, but only the predicted range. In the crypto world, profits can be made overnight, and the winners in this digital lottery are different from those in previous obsessions, writes Forbes.

The list encompasses a total of 19 people whose wealth is appreciated against the value of currencies as of January 19, 2018. Forbes admits that given the opacity and hyper volatility of this universe, they have certainly missed one.

10. Michael Novogrant, Chief Executive Officer of Galaxy Digital. State: $ 700 million – $ 1 billion.

He is a typical Wall Street representative, Goldman Sachs partner, and managing director of one of the world’s largest investment funds – Fortress.

9. Brock Pierce, Chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation. State: $ 700 million – $ 1 billion.

He is a venture investor and entrepreneur with rich experience and investment in the field of gaming, blockchain and digital currencies.

8. Anthony Di Irio, co-founder of the Ethereum crypt. State: $ 700 million – $ 1 billion.

He invested some of his money to create Ethereum, and continued to invest in multiple cryptoactives.

7. Matthew Rozak, co-founder of Bloq, Tally Capital. State: $ 900 million – $ 1 billion.

“I was very lucky to be very early,” says Rosak, when he learned about Bitcoin in 2011. He says he gave his first Bitcoin to Richard Branson and Bill Clinton.

6. Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase. State: $ 900 million – $ 1 billion.

In this digital gold fever, Armstrong is the person who makes the big money. He founded the Coinbase, a multi-conglomerate, which has become the most popular entry point for crypto-loop trading in the United States.

5. Matthew Mellon, individual investor. State: $ 900 million – $ 1 billion.

Matthew Mellon, a heir to a wealthy banker’s family in the United States, is beginning to invest in crypto-lite, though friends and family warn him of the risks.

4. Gemini Cameron and Tyler Winchester. State: $ 900 million – $ 1.1 billion.

They manage a fund for investments in the crypto-wave and alongside the spectacular growth of its price at the end of last year. they made the first billion of the bitcoin in the world.

3. Zhao Chompen, founder and CEO of Binance. State $ 1.1 billion – $ 2 billion

In less than seven months, Zhao created the world’s largest crypto-exchange system Binance. Before he worked at Bloomberg and as head of the technology department.

2. Joseph Lubin, co-founder of Ethereum. State: 1 billion dollars – 5 billion dollars.

One of the pioneers in the crypto world, he is a former Goldman Sachs director in Toronto. He also founded Consensys, a company that develops Decentralized Applications based on Ethereum.

1. Chris Larsen, co-founder of Ripple. State: $ 7.5 billion – $ 8 billion

He is not only a co-founder of Ripple Lab, founded in 2012, but also owns most of the 5.2 billion, known as Ripple, the XRP abbreviated coins.

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