Hackers Tried To Steal $13 Million From Malta

From IG @altcoinfam
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who have penetrated the financial institution’s systems and who have ordered money transfers abroad, the cyber-attack involved the creation of counterfeit payment orders worth a total of EUR 13 million to banks in the United Kingdom, the United States, the Czech Republic, and Hong Kong.
The funds
have been tracked and now the Maltese bank is working to redirect the money back. The cyber attack was detected shortly after the start of the working day today when inconsistencies were identified in the review of international transactions.
Shortly after
the bank was notified by the National Security Service that it was subject to a hacker attack. To minimize risk and to check its systems, the bank has stopped working by closing its branches in the country, ATMs and its website. Many media’s commented that such attack made huge aftermath with closing all the branches and blocking all cards. Meaning that people using the bank were not able to use it that day. 

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