How David Rockefeller Jr. Found Out He Was Rich

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Although it originated from one of the most famous families in the world, David Rockefeller Jr. did not know that his family was rich until he found that from his classmates.

“In fact, I learned from other people at school that I am rich,” says Rockefeller, who is today chairman of Rockefeller & Co. and a great-grandson of John D. Rockefeller, America’s first billionaire. “I did not know my family was rich.”

“I personally did not feel rich, so I did not agree with them,” he says.

It’s hard to imagine someone who bears the surname Rockefeller and does not know he’s rich. The family has $ 11 billion, according to Forbes, CNBC wrote.

David Rockefeller Jr., now at the age of 70, has grown into a world of indisputable privileges. He lived in a townhouse in East Manhattan and a house in Westchester County, full of art and antiques. He attended the Phillies Exeter Academy, one of the most prestigious schools, and his father used every day a personal driver who took him to work.

However, the family does not spend their money on yachts, cars and airplanes.

And although the children were given small amounts of money, they were always encouraged to donate some of them for charity (usually in the church) and to count every expense. The practice dates back to John. D. Rockefeller, the celebrated creator of family wealth, who watched every penny he earned and spent in a special book.

“Like many other guys, I bought baseball cards and chewing gums, stuff like that,” said David Jr. to CNBC.

Many of his classmates spent much more.

“I had classmates whose families were not as rich as ours, but they were spending much more,” he says. “I remember we were amazed at a friend when I was 12 years old, who had taken a girl to dinner and had spent $ 50. We were saying,” Oh, my God! “.

In the Rockefeller family, wealth and possessions are never discussed.

So when his classmates told him he belonged to one of the richest families, David did not believe it at first.

Parents, he says, should be an example for their children, showing restraint and economy even when they can live as kings. So that they do not spoil the children and teach them to appreciate what they have been.

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