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How Many Atomic Bombs We Need To Bomb Mars and Then Live There?

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Some time ago, Elon Musk said that by blowing up atomic bombs at the poles of Mars, it could heat the carbon dioxide found there and create an atmosphere on the Red Planet.

The mathematician Robert Walker calculated how many nuclear explosions would be needed to make Musk’s idea a reality.
SpaceX founder, CEO and owner Elon Musk has suggested that the heating of the Mars poles be made by nuclear explosions that will release carbon dioxide in large quantities beneath the planet’s surface, which will create an atmosphere for Mars. In this case, the planet will not need to use suits, but only small oxygen masks.

But according to mathematics Peter Walker, the picture in the corridor of SpaceX’s headquarters is unlikely to become reality.

Walker claims that even one million of the nuclear bombs available today are not enough for Musk’s idea. Walker cites Musk’s proposal to create mini-suns over the Mars poles through nuclear explosions. The higher the temperature, the greater the efficiency.

The mathematician states that the maximum brightness and temperature of the atomic sponge are reached within 50 seconds after the explosion. That is, the poles will have to be bombed about once every minute. According to Walker’s estimates, the Red Planet must be bombarded by nearly 3,500 atomic bombs each day with a power of 100 megatons. The blasts should last about eight weeks – declared the mathematician. For everyone to imagine the magnitude of all this, Walker reminds us that the entire US nuclear arsenal is half the amount needed. Perhaps this is a hint that if Russia and China join this endeavor, nuclear bombs will be enough to terrorize Mars.

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