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How our luggage to be always first after a flight?

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Almost everyone knows the feeling when you get out from the plane, you go thru the passport check and then the waiting begins.Sometimes is even longer than normal.But that’ss are all normal things.It depends on the day how many people were on the plane and so on.

But how to skip the queue luggage?
The best option is to be the last guy on the check-in desk.This automatically means that our bag/s will be the last one the plane.

According from ramp agent.The suitcases always come in the order of arrival in the luggage carts that they take off from the plane. So if you checked in the last one, your suitcases will be on the last trolley and will be the first to be unloaded.

Also, the time for which luggage goes to the rotating bands depends on the size of the airplane. Larger airplanes can be unloaded for more than an hour.

If you are flying in a first or business class, you are a priority passenger, so you do not wait long for your luggage. Some loyalty programs for airlines also offer a similar service to their economy class passengers.

So next time are you going to be the last passenger on the check-in desk?

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