How To Get Noticed On Social Media?

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Trying to be famous on social platform like Instagram could be very hard experience if no body knows you who you are and what are you doing.
Creating an account and starting from the zero is tough.Trying to gain followers with quality content and see that there are not new followers could be frustrating.But lets begin with these easy steps:

Build audience.

You have to start with who you really are.
People will continue following you if only you provide them with the content that made them to follow you.

Make people feel.

If your content is about funny videos or funny stories try to make your audience laugh!This is equivalent to sad stories or motivation posts.

Keep it simple.

Short stories,short video clips,short,short,short.Nobody wants to waste time.Even the people who are doing absolutely nothing.For example – Do you remember the vine platform?Every video was 6 seconds and in the same time you have to create something funny,interesting and etc.It was very successful platform.

Put restriction for yourself.

If you are writing a blog put a restriction for yourself ,like no more than 1000 words on single post.This will make you be more careful what you write and to post only useful stuff.

Free for all.

Don’t try to charge people when you are at the beginning!Nobody wants to spend money ,even the richer people.Give it all.You have to believe in karma,destiny or something like that.You have to believe that one day everything you gave will be returned to you.

Smart work before Hard work

Hard work is the key to success.Well this true but you also should considering working smart.If you don’t know what i’m exactly talking about just search in google something like “hard work vs smart work” and click on images if you are too lazy to read.Simplicity will save you money,time,effort,energy and much more.

The clickbait

The title is important.Nobody likes full clickbait title.Its just misleading and it will not bring you more audience.As I said before keep it simple and put a little bit of clickbait. If you are future Youtuber just make your thumbnail more colorful play with it.Go download Photoshop and start creating!

Collaboration with people!

Making videos ,podcasts or something else with people who have already gained some amount of followers is the best way for both sides to become more famous.

Try to respond frequently

Its very important to respond to some of the comment you get.This will make a connection between you and the people who watch you or like your photos.They will feel somehow like a part from the project and even if they don’t like you for example they will come again to your channel,mark my word!


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