How To Search For Cheap Airplane Ticket (part2)

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There are already many sites and apps that claim to help you find the cheapest airline tickets.


In fact, you don’t need them. There is one simple thing you can do when you are looking to buy a cheap airfare. Most internet sites selling tickets use so-called “dynamic pricing.” This is a system where your suggested cost is based on your “Search History”. And this story is on your computer, in so-called “cookies”. These are parts of information related to details of your searches on the global network. So deleting them effectively eliminates anything you’ve searched for.

Do not think that if you refresh the site at the cost of the tickets thousands of times, they will change in the downward direction. On the contrary, it is very possible, on the basis of algorithms that show increased demand, that the ticket price rises. Therefore, the first thing you need to do before you start looking for a cheap plane ticket to a destination is to clear your cookies. Many people prefer to circumvent “dynamic pricing” with the use of incognito browsers. Experts, however, recommend a much more effective means of erasing their “cookies”.


It’s easy, DELETE YOUR COOKIES! How to do it?

Click the menu button, the three points in the top right corner. 
Click the “Settings” option.
Select “Show advanced settings”. (click F3 on the keyboard and write “privacy” for easy finding your words & options)
Find “Privacy” and select “Content settings” from it.
Find “Cookies” and select the “Delete cookies” option.
How does this work on the Firefox browser?
Click the menu button. Click on “History”.
Select “Clear recent history”.
Put the “Everything” timeframe.
Select the arrow next to “Details” to expand the history list and select “Cookies”.
Select “Clear now” and you’re done.

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