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How To Sound Smart Even If We Are Not That Smart

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Even smart people sometimes are saying uhm, ehh, amm, mmm. This is not making you sound dumb but is definitely questiong your personality. Is this person smart?

We all want to look good and hear only good things about us, so why not focus on our speech? I’ve met people who unconsciously are saying umm. 

How to fix “umm”

Start recording your self. Hearing yourself speak will let you see how awkward and unprofessional filler words sound. This can also help you get in the mindset to notice when you use a filler word.

Eye contact 

Eye contact is important whenever you talk to people. For business is good, its showing confidence. Too much starring to a man means you want to challenge him. Starring a girl for too long means you like her. 

Establish a rapport

Establishing a rapport with someone is a great way to make a connection and be able to carry a coherent and engaging conversation with them

This will help you relax and become more comfortable in that situation as, similar to the tip above, your mind will not focus on your nerves or what to say.

Pre-planned speech

Whenever you are going to work interview, you have an important conversation. One preparation on what you are going to say is always welcome. 

Pause before you speak

Pausing before you speak will give you a moment to think about what you want to say– and therefore say something more considered and thoughtful.


it doesn’t matter if you talk with family and friends or girlfriend. Always practice your speech.

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