Indian Youtube Channel Is About To Take The Crown From Pewdiepie

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Everybody knows who Pewdiepie is or if you don’t, he is the most subscribed Youtube person ,ever.
Well at least for now, on the horizon there is a new pretended for the “Youtube crown”.

The channel is Indian and most people suggested that, maybe this the reason we don’t know about it. It’s a surprise how this channel was growing in shadow without the knowledge of us , the Youtubers . He was never mentioned in any video ,newspaper or the some of the pewdiepie’s drama’s in the past, nope just never.

Pewdiepie vs T-series

First of all, this is going to be very funny if Pewdiepie loses from T-series. Maybe not a big deal for him but not so for his community. T-series is “sitting” on almost 60M subscribers while Pewdipie is at 65.5M subscribers. A lot Youtubers out there ,were talking about their intentions for the first place but non of them was even close , even now.

What can we say more? Let the subscribe battle begin!

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