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Is Blogging Worth It And How To Make Money

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The Beginning

I started blogging in 2017. I was reading a lot of articles on the internet regarding different kinds of categories. Sometimes I didn’t like the text how was written or the story was not correct. Then the idea of telling what I think about something or current event started to rise. I wanted to share the thoughts thru something and that was a website.

Since then, I’m doing it every single day.

How to make money?

You need traffic, You need a lot of traffic to start earning money. Having 100 people on weekly basis is not enough.

But here are a few tips on how you can increase the traffic number

  1. Set up your blog
  2. Start creating useful content
  3. Get off your blog and start finding readers
  4. Build engagement with the readers that come

Choose a platform

WordPress is a great example of a platform

Of course, you can find similar like Wix, Ucoz and etc.

Just do it how you want to do it. (I prefer wordpress)


Choose what content you would like to write about? Mixed or specifically for a niche. Try to write short. The perfect articles are from 1 to 3 minutes reading. Once you get serious visitors try expanding the content to 4,5,6 minutes. 


You need data, without data you are lost. People underestimate how powerful is it to have information of your users. 

Google Analytics is a great tool to see how your visitors are behaving in the website. Are they real? What age? This will tell you a lot.

Money flow example

That’s for now

If you have questions, find me on Linked IN or use the contact form below

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