Is It Possible Everyone To Be An Entrepreneur?

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Entrepreneur is the way you think, its not a profession

We have all heard about Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Isaac Newton, Nikola Tesla and many others. All of them have taken action to make their country and the world a better place and to make people’s lives easier. Single idea from human’s mind is able to create absolutely everything. The phrase “Sky is the limit” is absolutely, one hundred percent true. It doesn’t matter where you are born. You must focus, to put into work and dream about what you want to be in the future. Energy flows wherever there is focus.

Stop Complaining!

There is another category of people in the world who are the opposite of entrepreneurs – they do nothing but wait for someone to tell them what to do. They blame others for their own failures – boss, state, parents, politicians, and others. Most of them do not like the new stuff – they make them think, work harder is not necessary. Most often we hear from them “Why me? Can not someone else do it? ” They strongly believe they first have to get before giving. 

If you pursuing money, you are gonna lose

Self-aware is important. You must find out who you are. In what you are good at. Focus on the things you do with love, and leave the things you suck at. This is the greatest era to be alive. Internet created so many niches. Should i say one more time , stop complaining??. Start working and start competing because the things you do now, will make you the person you want to become in the future. 

Youtube, marketing, investing, it really doesn’t matter…

Everyone already started. You are not going to be the next pewdiepie or the first person to invest into stock. All you can do is “to catch up”. In the end there is always one winner.

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