How A Kid Spent 8000$ For A Day

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After making an Xbox One console account with his credit card. Around Christmas, Parkins noticed he had a $ 8,000 credit card bill. The reason for this was his son, who made an impressive account of Fifa 2016.

How exactly? The video game can unlock the best players that will help you make a real dream team, as the user uses Fifa points or buy ones that are sold for real money. The boy decided to become one of the best players using his father’s money to build a team that cost $ 8,206 at the end of the season.

The company that gave the credit card said that the only way to get back the money is if the son goes into a scam. Lance turned to Microsoft and explained that his son had made the purchases and asked to pay the sum. Once it became clear that the child was not mature and therefore unable to pay with credit cards, Microsoft returned the amount. The father is vowing to never buy such games for the home anymore, and hopes that his story will get to other victims.

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