London Wants to Become The Most Visited City In The World

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London’s dreams for the future now include turning it into the most visited city in the world, and the UK capital is taking all possible steps to ensure that it will happen.

Authorities in the British capital have made plans to turn London into the city’s most accessible city, writes Lonely Planet.

London, led by Mayor Sadik Khan, intends to become the leader in attracting tourists and becoming the most visited in the world.

To do so, authorities say it is necessary to make the city’s citizens walk as much as possible on foot.

The administration will allocate £ 2.2 billion to implement the initiative. These funds will be used to reconstruct pedestrian streets, create new infrastructure, increase pedestrian traffic and road signs.

The idea of ​​the City Hall is already supported by the UK Department of Health. Officials hope that by 2024, Londoners will make an average of 1 million steps more than they are now. And in the long run, by 2041, authorities hope to increase the number of citizens walking, cycling or public transport up to 80%. In addition, the plans of the City Hall of London – modernization of the subway.

Today the most pedestrian cities in the world are Copenhagen, Hamburg and Madrid. The capital of Denmark also reports the smallest number of cars in Europe.

In Hamburg, the authorities continue to implement the Green Network project. By the end of the period the pedestrian zones will cover about 40% of this German city.

There is a slightly different approach in Madrid. Entering the city center by car is only allowed by local residents.

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