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Memento mori – You Are Gonna Die

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Memento mori 

Is famous Latin expression that can be translated like “Remember you are mortal” or “Remember your death”
Its a sentence reminding the people their own mortality.

Back in the past

In ancient Rome, they used the phrase “Memento moriendum esse”, which literally means “remember that you are a mortal,” and “remember death.” When a victorious general returned to Rome, he was given a triumphant honorable procession when he entered the city, everyone is shouting to the victorious general “Io, Triumphe,” and specially engaged slave holding general’s wreath, whispering in his ear “Memento mori”, so that he was not overjoyed.

Using it as motivation

Some of the most successful people in the world live or had lived by this motive.

For an example Steve Jobs is one of them “What if today was your last day?”.

Memento mori is powerful quote. This can determine your life from now until the very end.
Waking up early in the morning and try to squeeze everything from the day. This should cut out every complain you have about the things you want to be but you are not because the government, mother,father or city government is not allowing you. This bullshit must be forgotten. 

Its like living unhealthy life , then you get sick, there is pain in your body, you are searching (sometimes desperately) for a cure and when everything is okay, after just a while you are starting to live the same life again. 


So my question to all of you reading this post right now, 
If today was your last day? What do you intend to do?


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