Most Ridiculous Business Ideas For Making Money

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7. Rock as a pet

A Californian man decided he wants a pet but does not care about taking care of him, such as walking, eating and cleaning. That’s why hes genius idea of using stone became real. He created for him a box of holes (to breathe), put a mat for his softness and even has a string to walk around. His idea is selling quite well especially for Christmas. A pet costs about 4 dollars.

6. Letter from Santa

The good old man is not depicted only on beverages and food products. There is an address in the North Polar Circle in Alaska, from which only a modest $ 10 can send you a letter written by Santa Claus himself. Do you think nobody would get caught? And how about 200 thousand parents? Since its inception, this business has earned over $ 2 million.

5. Plastic Furcula

To develop a new business, you need to give consumers what they need. That’s why a US company is invented a plastic junk that sells for luck. Every day there are 30,000 units, each one costs 3 dollars.

4. Funny noises 

In 2008, Jol Kom created the iFart mobile app with funny fading sounds. With it you can generate different kinds of fading melodies and even write your own and send it to a friend. It turns out that hundreds of thousands of people are willing to pay 99 cents for this opportunity and in just one year the business turns out to be super profitable.

3. Glowing Ink

Good ideas are born in times of need. Thus, Father Bernad McCoy has begun to create a printer ink business after one day he fails to print his sheets because the printer’s toner cartridge has gone bad. Since the price of the ink it uses seems too high. Their ad claims to sell ink that changes lives. 

2. Glasses for dogs

Ronnie’s and Ken di Lulo’s dog fails to catch the frisbee on the beach because it has sun-sensitive eyes. They decide to make him sunglasses that really help the dog. Ronnie made a website and published a photo of the dog with his new glasses. Soon they receive thousands of inquiries and start a doggie business, which now earns them $ 5 million a year.

1. The Dream job

Everyone has been doing something he does not like. Perhaps at such times we have been wondering what it is like to work on the dream job. There is a site where you can try a variety of endeavors for a fee. Released in 2004, the site offers 125 sampling workplaces that are run by 300 mentors.

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