Never Tell Your Intentions!

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Did it happen to you? Something exciting is coming to you, and you have this burning desire to share it with your friends. Well, as soon as you tell and it collapses, it’s like your idea just waited for you to speak it and get out of your life. And have you noticed that little is known to the richest people in the world? They do not give interviews, they do not appear in the press, they keep their plans in secret from the people. And although they have a villa on an exotic island, they do not worry about walking with their old clothes. What do you think this is due to? Because they are shy? Nope.
They just don’t care.

True success does not come with showing off

If we do not want people to envy us, it is best to make friends in silence. People do not need to know what is happening with our lives, and we are not obliged to give them explanations.
Whenever we begin to talk about our plans and their realization is getting harder to achieve. The motivation is disappearing,here comes the pressure of acquaintances and friends we have shared with, and everything starts slowly but surely demolishing.
So remember the following:
– Nobody have to know how happy you are on Facebook
– Do not show on social networks that you suffer, it will not change anything
– Do not tell everyone about the dreams and goals you have
– Do not cling to the approval of others, you don’t need their approval for your goals
– You do not need to advertise your life with luxury photos, you already cost more
– Appreciate the silence.

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