Protect Your Eyes If You Stare For Too Long In front Your Monitor

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f.lux and is completely FREE! When you install it, the program stays in the background. As the sun goes down, the screen slowly begins to pink. In about a week you will not pay attention to it. With the reduced light emitted from the screen, the eyes are comparative less loaded. The program itself has settings that allow: how quickly to change the screen, select the light emitted. If you stay more than 8 hours a day at the computer, I recommend that you install it yourself.





EyeLeo is different from f.lux. This program reminds us every N minutes to do “exercises” for the eyes. That’s how we train them. If you go to a doctor, many will tell you to do exercises for your eyes. If someone else looks at you from the sides. EyeLeo has more settings than f.lux. Some of them are: choose how much time to train our eyes (short break) how long we have a long break we can choose how long we leave and others When it’s time for a long break, the program will ask you if want to start, or to extend your time by 3 minutes. So if you have a little work done, you can do it and rest. I have asked every 60 minutes to have a long break of 10 minutes, and every 10 minutes to show me what exercises to do, which are 10 seconds.

Windows 10











My Windows is having an option on the right down corner of the screen to put “night light” which makes the screen yellow and calmer. Its mostly for the night but I think it doesn’t matter when do you use it. It can be set with time to automatically start. I think its a very good option


If you don’t use diopter glasses you can consider something like Gunnar glasses. I’m wearing them sometimes with my contact lenses. I like it but sometimes its very uncomfortable when I put my headphones on.

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