Protect Your Self From The Flu!

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With the fall of temperatures comes the season of colds and colds and we have to be careful about our health. Influenza is a contagious disease caused by several viruses – A, B and C. The first symptoms are related to high fever, chills, fatigue, muscle and joint pain. Infection usually occurs through sneezing and coughing.

To prevent the viruses and flu in the autumn-winter season, we can take several preventive measures. One of these is vaccination with antiviral drugs. They are most effective when taken in the first 24-48 hours when symptoms occur.

It is extremely important during this period to avoid contact with sick persons and to wash hands regularly with soap and water, especially after driving in public transport.

Taking antibiotics is necessary after the prescription has been made by the GP. When the disease is not complicated by a bacterial infection, antibiotics do not help the body.

When you experience the first symptoms of a disease, stay home and do not go to work, experts say. If you cough you can use a surgical mask. Flu can be treated at home if there are no complications with taking more fluids and medications that relieve symptoms.

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