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Reading Books Is The Same As Having Sex

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Reading is not bad

Do you remember how in your school or student years you were wondering about the book rats and their minimal interest in the pleasure of the flesh?Or you were on the opposite side? Whether you are totally attuned to it or combined with other pleasures, love for your hobby has its scientific explanation.

The perfect reason to read more

According to research by German scientists and their Spanish colleagues at the University of Barcelona published in Current Biology, the human brain receives the same stimulus of reading as from sex and drugs, the same areas are activated on our brain.

The research

The development of speech is the basis of human knowledge and community life. However, there remains a mystery about exactly how the speech and the system of words are born. According to one of the theories, learning new words triggers the centers of satisfaction in the brain and motivates to learn more. Scientists are among those who find satisfaction in knowledge and have tried to prove the mental laziness.

The study

Involved 36 people who had been subjected to functional magnetic resonance imaging. Observed are those areas of the brain that activate when they learn new words. As a result, both activities activate a center in the brain responsible for the satisfaction test. The same center is also proven to be good for delicious food, sex and drugs. But unlike these implied temptations, the study of new words creates connections between the centers of satisfaction and speech. Study participants who had more and more stable links between these areas learned the words faster.


If you have been thinking should you read or not, it is a new occasion to bury yourself in a good book. Those experiencing love disappointment can improve their mood by enrolling in a foreign language course. Is reading a book worth the time? Yes, definitely!

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