Richard Branson Is Jealous From Elon’s Accomplish

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Elon Musk made a big leap in the space race after SpaceX successfully shot into space the most powerful Falcon Heavy rocket. “I’m a little jealous,” said one of his main rivals Richard Branson in an interview with CNN.

The billionaire, whose company Virgin Galactic plans to bring the tourists into space before SpaceX, does not conceal his admiration for Musk’s achievement and even described it as “astounding.”

In this connection, in Virgin Galactic, “we think what we can do to get it over,” says Branson.

But Musk raised the bar really high. Last week, he showed the world that dreams, even the blessed ones, can become reality, if one does not give up on them. With the launch of Falcon Heavy, the visionary showed that the mission to Mars so desirable is becoming more and more possible. “It was perhaps the most exciting thing I’ve ever seen – literally,” Musk said after the experiment.

Branson, for his part, said it would be a great disappointment if Virgin Galactic did not wake up in space in the next few months.

“I hope that Virgin Galactic will be the first of three to compete for customers” the billionaire said.

According to Branson, 800 engineers work tirelessly to make sure Virgin Galactic’s technology is safe. “We’ll wait until we get someone out in the open air,” he assured him.

The space race has shifted over recent years from government to private. The businessmen are now at the front, not the states. This has led to innovation, technology optimization and cost savings.

“Elon, Jeff and we can do things for part of the price governments can do – and I think we can do that even more exciting,” Branson said.

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