Richard Branson Revealed How He Is Naming His Virgin’s Aircrafts

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One of the little gestures that make people smile when flying with Virgin Atlantic are the unique designs and names of the planes.

Often they ask me how certain planes are called and many people have noticed the musical relationships in some of them. It’s all a return to the Virgins as a music album – when we released Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Records was the largest independent music label in the world . That’s why we love to honor this legacy by dealing with the names of some of our favorite bands and songs, “explains the company’s creator, billionaire Richard Branson.

In this way, the team is inspired to work while airline registration is running with unusual hits.

For example, the G-VROY field is reminiscent of the legendary Roy Orbison and the Pretty Woman song.

The registration of G-VDIA is linked to the Beatles because the flight is called “Lucy in the Sky”.

Two planes are dedicated to David Bowie, G-VUFO is called Lady Stardust, while G-VZIGG is Dream Gianni.

There are also many other musical planes carrying female names – from Uptown Girl to Dancing Queen, and from Ruby Tuesday to Jersey Girl.

In fact, four new Airbus A330-200 planes have been recently introduced to join the Virgin Atlantic fleet in March, and three of them have music names: Dreamer Believer, Honky Tonk Woman and Strawberry Fields, says Branson to Businessesider, .

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