Season 4 Is Finally Here! New Items,Emotes,Skins,Zones and More!

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Its here!The wait is over.Season 4 came with a bang!Tilted Towers are okay but Dusty Depot is not.There is a crater now. Welcome the new name “Dusty Divot”. The new area of impact is surrounded by rocks and little shiny crystals which are obtainable. If you loot them your getting low gravity or in other words you will jump higher. 

Take a quick look at the pictures below

But what more?

Fortnite decided to add the “Orange shirt kid” dance into fortnite and it looks like this:

Here is the original video


New items to collect!This time there are challenges to unlock both a special outfit and a unique pickaxe. These will be hard to get: “Carbide” challenges require you to get up to level 65, and “Blockbuster” challenges task you with completing every challenge for up to seven different weeks. Overall, the new season seems like a mix of graffiti and superhero themed, and there are new skins and sprays to be obtained.

The official trailer for patch 4.0

More info about bug fixes and whats new in “Save the World” mode you can see on the official Fortnite Website

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