The Secret Dubai : Sex, Drugs And Gambling 24/7

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For the Europeans, the Arab world is a closed territory. Foreigners enter it most often as tourists especially for Dubai.But it would be strange for people to make their own paradise only for foreigners, forgetting their own desires. Europeans living in Dubai tell of the stormy nightlife and debauchery that the king has in places not accessible to even the richest and bravest tourists. How does the youth of the Gulf Coast enjoy?

Innocent Entertainment

Innocent Entertainment There are many “more in” things in Dubai. The tallest building in the world – Burj Khalifa. The world’s tallest block of flats – the Princess Tower. World’s largest shopping mall Dubai Mall. Here again you will find the longest metro line without a driver, the world’s only seven-star hotel, the largest parking lot on the planet, and a whole host of record and unique things. The unstoppable desire , fueled by endless oil profits and seasoned by the local population’s desire for luxury, has become a dubbed trademark of Dubai. And since this is certainly the most liberal emirate in the UAE, citizens who are not cared for by their households spend their time widening in violation of all moral and often legal norms. The most harmless entertainment of the Dubai youth is the training of falcons. People go to the desert, throw a dove in the sky (tied on a long string) and drop a falcon. The predator must catch the pigeons. These ornithological sessions are sometimes combined with jeep rides on the sand – in pure air, you can afford a bit higher speeds.

If the Arab does not fight, he party

Rich Arabs don’t want jihad. They love high speeds and drugs. The Dukes fall mostly on Japanese SUVs. Those who go outside the city with a light car sometimes make racing on highways or take part in drift racing. When the full tank costs you $ 25-30, the temptation to burn a little gasoline is irresistible. But such races happen extremely rarely. Why risk your life if the city promises so much fun and fun?

Private Party

“Fun with cars is nothing. The upper strata have quite different entertainment – indoor parties. The Arabs have recently felt the taste of the forbidden fruit of freedom and are now as detached, “she says, married a Russian prince of Dubai. “Imagine any of the Dubai skyscrapers. A Building like a residential – no signs or other distinctive signs. Most people are standing in front of the entrance but you go to that one specific guy saying your name and the code word. Then you enter the lobby, climb the floor. You see a simple front door of an apartment. But behind it lies a giant club with a huge bar, DJ, roulette and poker tables. And local people out there take drugs. ” words Russian emigrant in Dubai”.There is also a tradition of holding the so-called “afterparty” – they gather together after visiting the normal legal clubs. One of the most popular discos is White Dubai. The location of private parties is strictly classified, and it is practically impossible to find them as an outsider. Everything starts at 3 o’clock in the evening, guests are going to 7 o’clock in the morning. The most popular party days are Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, but if you wish, you can whirl up at dawn every single day of the week. The most important thing is knowing the address you need.

Gambling in Dubai is forbidden, well not for everybody

“If a person does not trust, they will never let him go to the afterparty. But even if a casual or foreigner gets into such a party, he will not be in the same position as those invited. If a police check takes place, uninvited guests will be immediately handed over to the authorities, even if they have previously sat with the locals at a table and exchanged swearing-oaths for eternal friendship and brotherhood, “says a person familiar with the organizers of these thematic Dubai parties. “The Arab boys will get away with them, they are in any case protected. Each of them has some power. Among them, there are not only close to the Sheikh family, but also big businessmen and just “their” people. And every tourist will be quickly arrested.”The UAE tourist must be careful. They risks not losing his smartphone or wallet but depriving himself of his freedom or even his life. For example, transporting alcoholic beverages through the UAE is illegal, The law says. “A license to sell alcohol is also available in Dubai and Ajman. Among them is Sharjah – the toughest emirate in the country. For example, you can buy alcohol at Ajman, where there are legal shops, and head for Dubai by car. Already at the store, they have begun to monitor you and in Sharjah, they set up an accident with your involvement. Police are coming, looking at the car and finding alcohol and you’re in trouble. The situation of Ramadan is horrible – some are deliberately bumping into the cars of those who are trying to transport the beverages forbidden in that territory, “warns a former Russian man who has accepted Islam and experienced all the cruelty of Arab laws on his back. In Dubai, alcohol can be purchased at all bars, clubs, hotels and official stores after introducing a special license for the drinks. Women do not have the right to buy alcohol at the supermarket – even where it is not forbidden. “I can get drunk in the bar but they will not sell me a bottle of wine in the store,” one of our informants said, wishing to remain anonymous.

The party continue

White dubai

In Dubai and the locals, tourists can afford much more volition than in the other 6 Emirates. Apart from the relative freedom in the clothing, there is something pleasant for the fans of tumultuous evenings – affordable alcohol. Legendary spirits provoke those who have been favored to continue the coupon, and fun without girls is the throwing of dirhams in the wind. That is why at the parties there is always a female entourage, composed mainly of girls – Russians, Ukrainians, Belorussians. Each of the girls can be selected for continuing the party.

The women fate

A Pakistani son of wealthy parents, took a Russian girl from a private party. Then, in his words, the events developed quite fun – they went to my house and the girl suddenly asked him to buy her shoes. He said that shops do not work at night, but the girl did not despair and decided to take the value of the shoes in cash. No shoes or sex came in, “says a European-born working in Dubai who is familiar with local club life. Because of this materialistic and greedy attitude, the Arabs have compiled their idea of Russian girls and considered them as part of the entertainment. The price that some pay for access to the high circles in Dubai may seem to many strange and unpleasant. Many girls become subject to “sponsorship” – that is, sleeping with local rich for money and gifts.Arab girls do not go to the closed parties. Details of how they spend their free time are also not publicized. With the arrival of the evening, the clubs are filled with Europeans who shine until the morning in villas, yachts, in clandestine clubs and casinos. The women rights in Dubai are limited. Usually the richest people are making contracts with the girl they like. Its like a sponsorship. They are receiving jewellery, cloths and presents in exchange of sleeping with the guy the contract is signed with.But if the girl is cheating or trying to lie she will be deported from Dubai.

Forbidden items

Illegal parties should also include illegal substances, otherwise, there is no point in doing them secretly. Indoor Dubai celebrations – both in casinos and DJs, as well as in private villas with panthers and leopards – offer guests a diverse assortment of psychotropic substances for every taste. “Among European emigrants, the most popular drug is LSD. The local ones focus mainly on the weed. Girls prefer cocaine at a price of one thousand dollars, “says a source who did not dare to meet us personally because of the” dangerous topic “. “It is believed that the substances are brought from Oman by boats. Marks are hidden between pages of books, hemp is packed in different papers. For something stronger, I can not talk – I’m afraid to even think of it. “

Often girls from abroad lose contact with reality and do not realize that they will have to pay for the generosity of local rich at local rates.

As an alternative to famous drugs, fans of forbidden delays also highlight strong drugs that, according to informed sources, act as good as “something of a qualitative and strong”. For example, a “pharmacy drug” sold under the name “lyrika” is used. Dangerous and deadly. “It’s very easy to become a junkie in Dubai, and it’s been a lifelong affair,” says our last source, whose circle of friends is narrowing after several of them have been convicted of spreading psychotropic substances. “I have a known Iran (who was, after all, a well-known TV actor) who once was asked to smuggle a small packet of drugs to the specific people, they caught him and he was expecting the death sentence, but one of the five judges refused to give him the death sentence and left him alive, he is in jail now. He will probably never escape from there.


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