Shopping Cart, 20v20 LTM and Whole New Updates Are Out Now!

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Yeap, its here!

Welcome the brand new item “shopping cart” where you can ride solo or with a friend. You can literally cross the whole map using the cart and its hilarious.


See the videos:

Stats improvement

Every time you finish some of your progressions (for an example: Daily Challenges) they will show like this

Goodbye 50v50 v2 and Welcome 20v20 v2!

I feel a bit sad about 50v50 going away but hey! We got the new improved 20v20 now!

5 teams with 20 people in each team, fighting for the win! Did i mentioned each team is having their own bus? Yeap , 5 buses crossing the whole map!

Blitz mode

Fortnite is growing every day so why not the mods too?

This may turn into something normal for Epic to hold 2 Limited time modes every time

For more you can check the official Patch notes from Epic Games

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