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Short Guide On How To Monetize Website Traffic

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So you post quality content on your website, you got visitors and no money yet? It happens with everybody. Having a blog is like having a personal portfolio because you can share your thoughts on the thing’s that matter but monetization is the hardest part. 

AdSense is kinda okay

Adsense is improving with every single day. This is very good if you have targeted audience. For an example if your website is about tech your ads are going to be about that BUT the CUT is low. For making $100 a month you need on average 20k – 40k impressions on a page (impression-views)

Calculating the approximately amount of money is hard because it depends of several factors – Traffic source, Traffic amount,Traffic region,Traffic quality,Blog Niche.

Paid articles

This is a very good way to monetize traffic. Through it, copywriters write to you articles by placing 1 or 2 outgoing links in them and paying you to post them. So what better?  


There are such sites that offer products that you can sell. They provide you with banners or links when someone logs in from your link, it becomes your affiliate. Find the product closest to your site niche and place banners on your site. Once your affiliate orders you receive % of the product’s price. There are products that give up to 70% of your price!

Pro tip

Do not overdo the ads. Being aggressive in this endeavor may be profitable, but it can also drive consumers out. Do not take too many risks because otherwise your earnings will be greater in just a few months, then traffic will drop and all visitors will go to another site. You should never forget that you are not alone in the blogging branch and one more thing for the end experiment with your ads!

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