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Sitting Position – Body Language

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Look at the picture closely , and then read what every position means

Your Sitting Position Says a Lot about Your Personality:

 – Position A

If you sometimes sit in this position, you may lead yourself by the following principle: In case I cover my head with a blanket, the monster may disappear!

You think that the problem will disappear on its own. In some cases, this approach works and you’re happy, but in others the problem is pointed to somebody else. Moreover, you’re charming, creative, and a little childish. You may say something first, and then think about what you did.

You’re easy to communicate with. You switch easily as well as you aren’t boring. You don’t process the same thoughts for a period of a week.

– Position B

Sitting in this position may suggest that you’re a dreamer and that you have a great imagination.

You aren’t boring because you usually come up with new, incredible ideas. You make new friends with ease and want to travel. You often change your partner, appearance, city, business, and state – it’s quite normal for you.

– Position C

You know what comfort looks like. You might not spend the weekend making your style perfect, but you may spend too much time on choosing the right cream or perfume. Your relationship toward clothes may be complicated, which means that you’re very choosy and capricious.

You’re usually surrounded with a “chaos”, but in what other people view it as a chaos, there’s a logical system: you’re able to find all you need with closed eyes. However, you aren’t able to concentrate for too long or focus on something special.

– Position D

Sitting in this position means that you don’t want to be late as well as you don’t want anyone else to be late. You’re sensitive, intelligent, and smart. You feel uncomfortable in case people show their emotions in a public place (whether it’s a quarrel of the spouses or a passionate kiss).

In case you want to sit with your legs connected, and relying on your whole foot, it may suggest that you’re direct, open, and insolent. In case you want to lift your foot’s upper part, relaying on your heels in this position, it may indicate that although you seem restrained, you’re ready to oppose others.

For you, the world is an unfriendly surrounding, and your home is a type of a shelter where you can hide from any trouble.

– Position E

Sitting in this position means that you’re persistent and ambitious. Your ambitions are actually the major encouragement for you to forget about your vagaries as well as do your best to chase your dreams.

In case you get married, you’ll not rush to create a family, before you get a career and gain education, because you think everything has its own time.

Your appearance is very important to you and you may do literally everything in order to maintain the ideal form. You usually accept criticism, including a constructive and friendly one with objections, because there’s an insecurity somewhere deep in your soul.

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