So, Who Is Driving A Bugatii For $3 Million?

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We’ve all heard about Bugatti and the $ 3 million supercar. According to the company, this model has already sold all units by 2021, and about 300 of the 500 anticipated are already with its owners.

But can you personally know someone who can pay such a sum of money for a car.

Bugatti’s new president, Stephan Winkelmann (who took the board in January after working for Audi Sport and Lamborghini before).In an interview he shared interesting information about his demographic clients:

“They are usually men, self-made millionaires and billionaires. Geographically, they are mostly from North America, Europe, Eastern Europe and Japan.”

He also commented on the fact that for most Bugatti owners, the car in question is just one of many in their garage.
“They usually have a collection of about 30 cars and also have yachts, houses and private planes.”

Winkelmann adds a little psychology to the profile of the typical client of Bugatti:

“These are people who enjoy life and very clearly realize why they are buying such a car.”

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