Start Up Wants To Shoot A Luxury Hotel In Space

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Companies such as Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin want to bring tourists into space within the next few years. If these tourists, however, want more than a flight and have the money to afford it, where they should go? Well,now there is an option!

Orion Span announced that in 2021 they want to launch their own luxury hotel “Aurora Station” into orbit.
In 2022, his first guests must come in.

If you want to be one from these guests, it will cost you $ 9.5 million per person for 12 days. This price is “all inclusive”, including quarterly pre-flight preparation and transportation to and from the hotel. There will be only four people at a time, as well as two staff members. A deposit of $ 80,000 has to be paid for the Aurora Station reservation.

The price may seem high, but given that the United States is currently paying Russia about $ 75 million in space to transport US spacecraft to the International Space Station (ISS), the amount of money Orion Span is proposing, is quite profitable.

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